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The Importance of an Emergency Drain Unblocking

Blockages in homes, neighbourhood communities, or city drains are much more common than you think. One day it can be very windy and rainy, and the rainwater can drag the leaves into the city's sewer for a blockage to form or you may have decided to throw waste such as soap or paint through home sinks where they can get clogged.


Imagine that the blockage occurs at night and that, until first thing in the morning, drainage specialists cannot come to unclog the pipes. During this time, avoid flushing the toilet, showering, or brushing your teeth until it clears up.

Normally the specialists tend to be quick, but on other occasions, drainage companies use machines with an integrated TV camera to locate the jam; keep in mind that solving a clog would not consist of calling the professionals and waiting for them to come, but also waiting for everything to be inspected and fixed.

Possible problems other than the blockage itself

· A blockage not only makes it impossible for the water to circulate correctly but also, depending on where it has occurred or the secondary effects it can cause, it can end up generating other problems: the pipes can be damaged, or floods can result.

· If one hasn't realized or notified a drainage company in time, the water that cannot pass through, along with everything it carries, and will end up looking for another way out. It is common to see how much water comes out through the toilet or the sink.

· In these cases, one may end up with some spoiled property, damaged furniture, flooded gardens, etc.

Advantages of having professionals in unblocking

A lasting solution

Professionals attack the problem from the root or the main cause. This represents a solution that will not cause problems any time soon. These services have guarantees, which undoubtedly allow enjoying greater peace of mind when thinking about the results.

Solutions in record time

Resolving a clog does not take much time when specialists are called. Sometimes the problem can be fixed in a few minutes or hours. Even if the situation occurs in an emergency, it is unnecessary to postpone the planned activities. In record time, you will see the problem solved.

Cost reduction

By contacting professionals, expenses are reduced to a minimum. One of the reasons is that damages are resolved in time, and there is less chance of changing parts. And then again, there is no risk of breaking any due to unknown tools handling and technique.

If you would not call a drainage company, you would probably risk and call someone else (not a professional) to find the clog and get it fixed as soon as possible.

However, in most cases, it is not so easy to find the blockage, and surely it could damage some other structure in the attempt, and the result would be worse than it was.

The ideal in these cases is to have a company like DHC Utilities. We can deal with all kinds of drainage-related problems (detection of hidden pipes, clogged drains, or sewer blockages). In this case, simply giving the notice as soon as you discover the problem, providing detailed information to the professionals in the sector, and waiting for the problem to be solved would suffice.

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