We offer this no-dig technique of Impact Moling as a fast, low cost reliable method for installation of water pipes across Cheshire.

Typical installations for Impact Moling can be used for all small utility services like water pipes under driveways, roads, gardens, trees, patios, existing structures and environmentally sensitive areas.


What is Moling?

Moling is a method for installing or replacing pipes on your land, without the need to dig large trenches the full length of the pipe being installed.
In comparison to traditional methods for laying pipes that require trenches to be dug, moling it is very low impact on your property needing much smaller holes to be dug at 10 to 15 metre intervals depending on the length of pipe that needs to be laid. The benefits include;
- Reduced time
- Reduced cost
- Cosmetically a better solution

- Reduced disruption to gardens and drives

How Does it Work?

The mole (a soil displacement hammer) displaces and compacts the ground it moves though, creating a tunnel. Because the material is compacted rather than drilled out, this minimises any material that needs to be taken away and disposed of at the end of the process.
Once the tunnel has been formed, the new pipe can be pulled through.

Moling is safe, and to ensure this the whole process is always controlled by one of our qualified engineers.

Ground type does influence whether moling can be used. In order for us to be able to help you in deciding if it’s the right option for you contact us today using the form below to discuss your requirements and a free, no obligation quote