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Water Main Leaks Cheshire

DHC Utilities is a Water Industry Approved Plumber (WIAPS) based in Chesire.
Specialised with over 15 years’ experience in water main leak detection and repair.

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Identifying Your Water Main

There are three types of water main pipes and it’s important to know the difference between them as they define who is responsible for maintenance and replacements.
Water mains are large pipes located in most cases under public land, such as roads. Water mains are, as the name suggests, the main pipe suppling water to an area.
There are two other types of water pipe that form the chain of getting water to your home.
Communication pipes: These are connected to the water main and go to your property boundary, and so are still on public land


Supply pipes: Which are the same as communication pipes, the difference is they are on your land, leading to your property.

Who is responsible?

Water mains and communication pipes are the responsibility of the water utility company to maintain and replace.
Supply pipes are your responsibility to maintain and replace. In some cases, your utility company may offer to maintain these pipes, but they don’t have too. When work is done to a supply pipe, you may become aware that it is shared with neighbours. In this instance it is the shared responsibility of you and your neighbour(s).


Water Main Leak Detection

At DHC Utilities, we are experts in providing a range of drainage services, including main water pipe leak repair jobs. If you’re based in and around Cheshire, you can benefit from our expertise as a Water Industry Approve Plumber (WIAPS) with over 15 years of industry experience.


Main Pipe Leak Detection


We are capable of carrying out water main leak detection, which helps to establish that there is a problem and locates the source of any valve leak or areas that require repair. The mains consist of large pipes that can be found under public land, including roads. These channels are the main supply of water to a given area.


Types of Piping


As part of the system, the water main pipes are connected to two other types of tubes: communication and supply pipes. Communication pipes connect your property boundary to the mains, so these also fall on public land. Supply pipes are a kind of communication pipe, but the name refers to those that directly lead to your property on your land.

Water Main Leak Repair


Pipe Repair Responsibility


The water mains and communication pipes on public land are the responsibility of the water utility company to maintain, repair and replace. However, supply pipes are the responsibility of the landowner as they are on your land. In cases where such conduits are shared by neighbours, the responsibility falls on both or all parties involved.


Request a Quotation


A water utility company may offer to maintain supply pipes, but it is not their legal responsibility in the way that it is to maintain the main pipes and communication pipes. In any case, we will offer a free no-obligation quotation to access the work that is needed. If you notice any signs of potential leaks, it is best to tackle them sooner rather than later in order to avoid unnecessary expense and dangerous consequences such as flooding and water damage.


Contact Us


For more information about our main water pipe repair services, please feel free to get in touch today by completing an online contact form or by emailing us at Alternatively, you can call us on 0161 286 6116 in order to speak to someone directly. Any member of our dedicated staff will be pleased to help you with your pipes, ready to answer any questions you may have for us about main pipe leak repairs or any other services.

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