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Things You Should Anticipate During Professional Drain Cleaning

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

A drained clog may look like a simple problem. But this can result in halting the plumbing system of your entire home. So, before this happens, you would want to get help from a professional drain cleaning company. Continue reading to know what you should anticipate when you contact one and ways to prepare for the service.

What to Expect During a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Plumbers handle drain cleaning services differently. However, there are things you can expect from your chosen professional drain cleaning company. What you need to do first is to contact them and book an appointment. They can ask you questions when you reach out to them. This is also a good time to ask the procedure, price, and other related questions you want to ask.

Once their plumber goes to your house, they’ll likely ask you about the plumbing in your home. They would want to ask if you’re experiencing plumbing issues now and the problems you’ve had with it before.

You’ll know your chosen company is trustworthy if they provide a comprehensive explanation of the process of drain cleaning. They’ll begin with an inspection by using a fiber-optic camera that goes through the plumbing to know where the clogs are and determine the problematic areas.

Doing some diagnostics such as testing your faucet and other fixtures is common for plumbers. They’ll concentrate more in a certain area if they see that there is slow draining.

Next, they’ll start preparing to clean your drains. You can expect your plumber to practice precautions such as wearing shoe coverings to avoid making a mess in your home. They'll also prepare the equipment needed.

Hydro jetting is one of the common drain cleaning methods. What happens is that your plumber uses a special hose and runs it through the drain. The strong hot water from the hose goes through your pipes and breaks debris and blockages. You can also see a drain snake used. Plumbers use this to grab or break a clog in your pipes.

Companies that take pride in their services don’t leave until your fixtures are tested. They’ll check the running water from your faucet to see if all the clogs have been removed.

How to Prepare for a Drain Cleaning Service

Giving Easy Access to the Area

Your plumber might find it hard to do the service if your home is a mess. That’s because instead of starting the work right away, they have to clean the path first. It’s best to clean the area near your problematic drains. You remove items temporarily near fixtures and access points such as your counter or sink.

Removing Sewage Waste

Sewage waste is another reason for plumbers not to do the drain cleaning service right away. You can ask your plumber if they remove sewage waste build-up from sinks, toilets, or tubs.

Managing Your Expectations

Setting your expectations is important because a drain cleaning service can't solve all plumbing issues. If you have problems in your sewers or have a broken pipe, a drain cleaning service might not resolve this. To avoid feeling disappointed, you should know that there might be other plumbing problems. Plumbers also inform if repairs are needed after they do an inspection.


Finally, you know some of the things you can expect to happen during a professional drain cleaning service.

DHC Utilities have a licensed plumber deal with your draining problems, call us on 0161 286 6116 to book an inspection. You can expect quality and professional services at DHC Utilities because the company has 15 years of training and experience in installing, repairing, and changing water drains.

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