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Drain Cleaning Cheshire

Drain Cleaning Services

Here at DHC Utilities, we specialise in providing a range of drainage services, including moiling, lead pipe replacement, dealing with blocked drains and water main leaks.


As part of our service, we also carry out drain cleaning. We offer a Water Industry Approved plumbing service throughout our base in Cheshire and beyond.

What is Drain Cleaning?


Drain cleaning services usually comprises of a CCTV drain survey, drain jetting, and patch lining where necessary. If you have a drainage issue that you can’t get to the bottom of, we can use our CCTV cameras to inspect the inner workings of your drainage system without the need for costly and inconvenient excavation work. Once we have assessed your drains, we can provide a work for any required maintenance work.


Specialist Drain Cleaning Equipment


In order to carry out drain cleaning, we use high-pressure water jetting equipment. This ensures that we both remove blockages and clean the inner pipe surfaces. Our jetting equipment is powerful enough to remove oils, fats and grime, which are usually the reason for blockages. Patch lining may be required if a small portion of your drain is damaged. Again, this means we won’t need to carry out any digging works that would be needed with a full replacement. We can have your drainage system working smoothly again in no time.


Act Now


Whether a residential or commercial setting, it is vital to take reasonability for your drainage system and sort out any small issues before they get bigger. If you notice a problem with slow water draining in sinks, unpleasant smalls or strange gurgling noises when water drains, then get in touch today to get help identifying and fixing these problems before they lead to a more expensive excavation as the problem worsens further down the line.


Contact Us


Based in Cheshire, if you would like to benefit from our drain cleaning services, please get in touch today by completing our online contact form, where you can obtain a free quote for the work. You can also email us at Alternatively, to speak to someone directly, call us on 0161 286 6116. We have a 24-hour call-out service and we would be glad to help in any way we can.

CCTV Drain Surveys

Using CCTV cameras, we can assess the state of the drains on your property and quote required maintenance work accurately

Drain Jetting

Using high pressure jetting equipment, we can not only remove blockages but also clean the inner pipe surface removing oils, fats and grime which are a primary instigator ingathering other waste products that form blockages

Patch Lining

Replacing an entire pipe can be unnecessary if only a small portion of it is damaged or failed. Patch repairing allows for a pipe to be brought back up to working order without the need for full replacement and associated digging works

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