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Replacement of Moling pipes and its effects

Due to the limited directional range of a mole, a job may necessitate more than one set of launch and reception pits. Moling is an effective method for rapidly changing out a plumbing system's main lines. Due to the small number of excavations and subsequent reinstatements required for moling, significantly less surface disruption is expected compared to other water main moling pipe replacement methods in Styal, such as trenching. It is possible to mow over large areas when replacing pipes or over shorter distances when repairing water mains.

Impact Moling is a solution that is both cost-effective and friendly to the environment that can be utilised for a variety of underground installation projects. A method known as "moling" is used by DHC Utilities rather than excavating trenches to lay pipes, ducts, and cables.

Exactly why would I want moling?

Moling is used to renew water mainly because it is a faster, less disruptive, and more efficient option. A mole may be used instead when trenching is not an option due to surface imperfections. Using a mole will result in less surface disruption compared to trenching and other methods, and it is also more environmentally friendly than open excavations.

How do you define "moling"?

Moling entails hurling pipes from a launching point to a receiving end. Due to the limited range of a mole's shot, it may be necessary to set up multiple launches and reception pits. The amount of surface disruption caused by the installation of the new pipework is cut to a minimum by using a mole to shoot it under the ground.

To what extent does moling pay off?

When a water primary needs to be replaced, moling is a better option than trenching for several reasons. Moling will result in less disruption because you will only need to make two excavations (a launch and a reception pit) instead of carrying out expensive and untidy trenching, which may be several meters long. By reducing the number of excavations, which necessitates reinstating them, mole excavation will allow the work to be done at a lower cost.

What is the average price of moling?

Several variables must be taken into account when determining the cost of moling. Since the cost of moling is determined by the meter, any cost estimate must consider the total distance that the pipe must be laid. Since moles can only be shot in a straight line, additional pits may be needed in addition to the launch and reception pits to get around a property or corner.


When laying water pipes, mole instead of digging a trench. No need to worry about destroying your grass, driveway, or parking lot because they will use a pneumatically driven machine to break through the soil and make room for the water pipes. Moling pipe replacement in Styal is the process that is used to successfully replace water pipes in heavily populated neighbourhoods or busy commercial areas where digging a trench would be impossible. Moling is also used when searching a track is highly hazardous.

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