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Blocked Drains Cheshire

DHC Utilities are a Water Industry Approved Plumber (WIAPS) based in Cheshire.
Specialised with over 15 years’ experience in unblocking drains and drain maintenance.

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Problem with your drains?

Blocked drains are a common issue that are easy to spot. When drains become completely blocked, water no longer drains
away and you will start getting large puddles or water forming near the closest outlet such as manhole covers, grids or other
similar locations around your property.
Partially blocked drains, or ones in need of maintenance, are not as obvious as the water will drain away overtime. There are
signs to look out for however;
- Slow draining, or standing water
- Unpleasant smells from the drains
- Noises when water drains away

Who is responsible?

Drains that serve your property only on your land are your responsibility to maintain. The point at which drains are used by more than one property are considered shared services, even if they are still on private land. Shared services are the responsibility of the utility company.

If the property is rented, depending on urgency you should contact your landlord immediately as it is their responsibility to

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Drain Unblocking Services Cheshire

If you live in Cheshire and are experiencing problems with your drains, you can rely on DHC Utilities to help.  We provide effective drain unblocking using all of the latest equipment and techniques, allowing us to get the cause of the problem, and determine the solution in order to remove the obstruction and prevent further blockages.  We operate an emergency drain unblocking that is ready to help no matter what time of the day, week or year the problem occurs.

If you are a domestic or commercial customer experiencing an emergency blockage, then call us out now.  We would be more than happy to help. With the full range of our drain unblocking services, Cheshire companies can rely on local experts to deal with the problem professionally and quickly.  Emergencies are never convenient, and rarely ever happen at a time that is best for you.  Our friendly team appreciate how important it is for each family and business in the Cheshire area to have access to their home facilities at all times. 


With our drain unblocking services, we will insert a CCTV camera to help us determine where the blocked pipe is and what is the nature of the blockage.  For example, a blockage can occur due to a build-up of fats and oils that get poured down our sinks, as well as hair and soup products.  However, it can also be due to issues caused underground to the structural integrity of a pipe-line.  All man-made structures experience breakages and decay over time.

Drain Unblocking Services


When waste water pipes shift or crack, they can allow tree roots, as well as other surrounding materials to penetrate them, therefore creating an obstruction.  Once this occurs, other materials that are flushed or poured down can also get caught-up, blocking the pipe entirely and preventing them from effectively discarding our waste water.  With our quick and powerful methods of drain cleaning, as well as our innovative methods of no-dig repairs, we can have your drains back to working capacity once again.


It is sometimes best to call out a drain unblocking service before they stop working all together if you see evidence that there is a problem.  For example, if you detect unpleasant smells coming from your drains, this can be a sure sign that your pipes are not removing the fluids and organic waste as effectively as it should.  Therefore, calling on our maintenance services in good time will allow us to help you before it becomes the problem gets worse.  A blockage left untreated can lead to other issues, and can even result in a collapsed pipe that may require more intrusive methods of repair.  Therefore, to save you time and money, our unblocking services will help keep your drains in better condition for much longer.


We are capable of clearing a blocked drain using a variety of methods such as jet washing and rodding techniques.  For more information on our drain unblocking, Cheshire commercial and domestic customers can contact us today.

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