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What is Moling?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

If you are having problems with your water pipes, or you have old lead pipes that require replacement, and you have been researching the subject for yourself, you may have come across a method of laying new pipes known as moling. What are moling services? Please read below to get a brief overview of what moling drainage entails.

When it comes to the infrastructure underneath ground level that provides power and fuel to your homes, as well as the pipes that provide fresh water and take waste water away, there is a lot going on. Understandably, from day to day we don’t really give it much thought. As they work busily under our feet, we rely on this network to help us get on with our daily routine.

However, no matter how busy our routine and lives on top of the soil may be, or how much we rely on these systems, there will come a time when we will have to pay more notice to the maintenance, upkeep, and sometimes replacement of the many pipes that lies under our homes and land. This may present a challenge, especially if we have structures built up above the very pipes that need our attention. Of course, even if you do not have a garage, shed, gazebo, summer house, etc above the pipes that need repair, no one enjoys the prospect of digging up their garden, or destroying their drives or patios.

What can be done? For many years this problem has been met with some innovative technology and techniques, allowing jobs, both minor and major to be carried out, without the need for digging up your garden and creating unsightly and disruptive trenches. For example, drain repairs are carried out using inflatable bladders that are inserted into the drain pipes to hold a resin-soaked material (usually made of fibre glass) to any damage until it hardens, effectively becoming part of the pipe, and covering over any cracks or breakages in the existing pipe.

Moling Drainage

Replacing Pipes

What happens when a pipe needs to be completely replaced? Surely then it would just need digging up? At times excavation is the only solution, but only when absolutely necessary, like in circumstances when a system has fallen into serious disrepair, or there is a brand-new build underway, requiring a brand-new system.

When it comes to water pipes, DHC Utilities has another, more effective and simple solution. There is a technique called moling that mimics a natural design we see around us (sometimes every day) that can help to replace water pipes without the need for moving the soil from above. What comes to mind when you see a mole hill?

Moling Services

What is Moling?

Just as when a mole uses its powerful claws and legs to push and move soil to create a tunnel, displacing the soil, moling services involves a machine that uses air (pneumatically powered) to create tunnels underground that allows our team to easily slot in a brand-new water pipe in afterwards. The mole itself called the ‘soil displacement hammer’, and it moves the soil to create a space, while compacting the soil that will sit around the new pipe. Then the pipes are pulled through, creating yet another one of those amazing networks and channels of pipes that you can rely on year after year.

If you think you may require moling drainage in Cheshire, then contact DHC Utilities today and we will see if this is the right technique for you. So, for moling, Cheshire locals and businesses, can rely on the services of our drainage and watermains company. We look forwards to hearing from you.

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