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Lead Pipe Replacement Scheme

United Utilities Lead Pipe Replacement

If you have lead pipes supplying the water for your property, you might be missing out. The United Utilities lead pipe replacement scheme is designed for customers with supply pipes made of this dangerous material. At DHC Utilities, we are available to help by providing advice and support in all plumbing and water supply services. Contact our help team to discuss your property water supply or drainage.

What are lead supply pipes?

As you likely know, water is supplied to most properties in the United Kingdom by underground supply pipes. For most properties, there is one supply onto the site. These pipe runs from the main water source, usually under the road, to the boundary of your property. The pipe then continues into the building, usually coming up in a convenient location like near the kitchen sink or in the room with your boiler. You can identify where the water supply enters your building because it will be where the stop tap is. The water then branches off around the building to taps, toilets and other elements.

In older properties, the pipe carrying the water onto the site was made of lead. This was because it was relatively cheap compared to alternatives, it was easy to form into pipes and even easier to install and connect, and it is long lasting because the softness of the metal resists small ground movements without splitting or cracking.

Lead Pipe Replacement

Why should you consider using the lead pipe replacement scheme?

Although lead was a good material from a construction point of view, it was a poor choice from a health perspective. Particles of metal enter the water stream. Over time, as a person repeatedly drinks from the water, these particles build up in the blood stream. The metal particles can cause damage to the brain and kidneys, and can also interfere with the natural production of red blood cells, without which the body cannot transport oxygen to the different organs.

By choosing lead pipe replacement, Cheshire families can ensure that they are protecting the whole family. By using a more modern material, you get the same benefits of an effective and constant water supply, but without the health risks.

What does the United Utilities lead pipe replacement scheme include?

United Utilities offer to replace lead pipes for property owners who have a lead supply. This primarily affects properties built before 1970, since this was when lead was banned for water supplies. Under the lead pipe scheme, you may qualify for a free replacement of the water supply pipe. This is done on a like for like basis, in other words providing a supply pipe of equivalent size, but made of a safe material.

The replacement scheme covers the connection from the boundary of the property to where it connects with the water main in the road or footpath near your home. It does not include the pipes within the property boundary.

How can DHC Utilities help?

At DHC Utilities, we are available to help you with the lead pipe replacement scheme. Firstly, we can help you by advising you if you have lead pipes and helping you to benefit from the scheme. However, as noted above, the United Utilities scheme will replace lead pipe up to your boundary. If your property has lead inside the property line, you should still replace it. After all, it is just as dangerous which side of the fence it is on. Our specialists can help you by providing a professional service to identify and replace any pipes that could be dangerous for your family. We have competitive prices and we pride ourselves in our customer service.

For more information, contact our team using the details on the website.

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