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Lead Pipe Replacement Wilmslow


Many older properties, particularly terraced houses, are served by a common supply pipe. This pipe provides water to a number of houses from one single connection to the water main.

These supply pipes are often made of lead and are usually too small for the water needs of modern kitchens and bathrooms. If you are on this type of system you could be eligible for a grant to have these pipes replaced.

Why You Should Take Lead Pipes Seriously

Lead poisoning occurs when lead builds up in the body, often over months or years. Even small amounts of lead can cause serious health problems. Children younger than 6 years are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, which can severely affect mental and physical development. At very high levels, lead poisoning can be fatal.

Lead pipes, brass plumbing fixtures and copper pipes soldered with lead can release lead particles into tap water.

Are My Water Pipes Made From Lead?

If you have a house built before 1970 in the Wilmslow area then there is a chance you may have lead pipes.  From our own observations this is most likely a problem for older properties in any of the SK9 postcodes.  After 1970, new building regulations came into play, so if your house was built after that it is unlikely you have lead piping.

To check, find the pipe that leads to the kitchen tap (this may be under the kitchen sink or cupboard).  If the pipe is dull grey, then it may be lead. Next, take a coin and gently scrape the surface of the pipe. Lead is a soft metal so if the pipe is lead it will reveal a shiny, silverish colour underneath.  Take care not to disturb the pipe when doing this however as you could cause damage or a leak.


Many pipes will have been painted over so it may not be immediately obvious what they are made of. Lead pipes also exist in locations you can not see them so even if your internal pipes look modern, the ones under your home may still be an issue.

If you find you have lead pipes, or suspect this is the case, it's always best of have them replaced. We offer one of the best lead pipe replacements Wilmslow has to offer so get in touch today!

What to do next?

In the short term, make sure you always flush your pipes through before drinking. To do this simply let the tap run for a few minutes before using it for drinking, brushing your teeth, or cooking. This is especially important if the water has been standing in the pipes for a while such as overnight, whilst being out at work, or returning from holiday.


The longer the water has been ‘standing’ in the pipes, the more lead it is likely to contain.  You could also consider buying a water filter as an added precaution.

In the long term, look at getting the lead pipes in your home replaced with more modern, safer materials such as plastic (MDPE) piping.

We offer one of the best lead pipe replacement services Wilmslow has to offer and our initial callout to investigate is free.


Step 1

Investigate all locations for possible lead pipes

Step 2

Check if you're eligible for a free grant to undertake the work

Step 3

Replace lead pipes using no dig technology where possible

Step 4

Replace all disturbed features such as flags

Our Approach

Our business was founded on three main principles: quality, pricing and service, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to them each day. We supply quality services at competitive pricing, no matter what the problem may be. Let us know how we can help you make your home more safe with the best lead pipe replacement Wilmslow has to offer. We can’t wait to start working together.

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