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Drainage Services Manchester

Drainage Company Manchester

Here at DHC Utilities, we provide you with a full drain and water main service, ensuring that all of the water main pipes supplying fresh water, and your pipes responsible for removing all of your waste water in your home or place of work is fully functioning and in good repair.  So, if you are looking for a drainage company, Manchester locals and businesses need look no further.

Drain Unblocking Manchester

If you need a drain Unblocking, Manchester commercial and domestic customers can rely on us to help them.  Whether the blockage is caused by products and materials that have entered your pipes from the home, or due to damage underground that is allowing the surrounding materials and local pests into your pipes, we are here for you.  Our services are available all year round, so that if you should experience a blocked drain even at the most inconvenient of times, you can rely on our team to get to you as quickly as they possible, fixing the problem efficiently and effectively.

Sometimes when the blockage is the result of cracks and breakages in your pipes, we can use our CCTV equipment to find the exact location of the problem and fix it using our trenchless - no dig - repairs.  It also helps us to fully examine the cause of the problem.  If tree roots have penetrated your waste water pipes, for example, then with our powerful drain jetting, Manchester based customers will soon have full access to all of their home facilities once again.

Drain Cleaning Manchester

Not only is our effective drain cleaning, Manchester customer have available, good for removing any kind of blockages, such as tree roots, oils, fats and sanitary items, it is also good for the maintenance of your pipes.

If you find your pipes, plug holes, and toilet always smell, then you may need them to be cleaned out thoroughly.  Due to the fact that they are out of our sight, and therefore often not on our mind, it can be easy to forget that drains and water mains pipes are still subject to the wear and tear of time and usage.  Therefore, having a regular cleaning and CCTV evaluation extends the life of your pipes and reduces the likelihood of more serious problems developing in the future.

Drain Repairs Manchester

Our drain services, Manchester domestic and commercial services can book, involves the use of innovative techniques to repair any damage to your waste water system.  By inserting a resin-soaked patch or lining to your drain wall, the damage will be rectified and the lifetime of your pipes extended considerably.

We also offer other services to the area of Manchester, such as lead pipe replacement, the installation of new pipes, and finding and repairing water leaks.

If you require any other information on our drain services, Manchester can talk to our team.  Alternatively, if you contact us and say “I need you please, to unblock my drain,” Manchester customers can be reassured we will be with them as soon as we can.